JFP among Publisher's Weekly's "Books of the Year"

Publishers Weekly ranked Jesus for President among their books of the year. I feel honored, and as I have had many conversations about political imagination, I feel it has been well-worth the effort.

Click here for their list. (Oh yeah, and if nothing else, it is a supreme honor to be on a list with Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker, with their book, Saving Paradise--I've heard it is quite an excellent book.)

I've had a few conversations with folks about whether I would do anything different in the book. So far, in general, I am still quite satisfied--even after 2 years of grad school since finishing. But things I would like to see more emphasis on are the following topics, with reference to the research in that field:

-Girardian Atonement/Mimetic/Scapegoat Theory (Stricken by God? [a lovely looking compendium of essays], Girard Reader, Gil Bailie, etc.)
-Postfoundationalist Hermeneutics, Critiques of Historical-Critical Hermeneutics (I'm picking up Dale Martin's Sex and the Single Savior in this regard.)
-Economics (and the Church): (Hilaire Belloc's Servile State and Essay on the Restoration of Property, economic history since the Reformation [i.e. Karl Polanyi, Ellen Meiksens Wood, Michael Perelman, Wendell Berry, Eugene McCarraher.]