A published essay with Relevant Magazine

Relevant magazine asked to publish my Other Journal article dryly titled "The Christian and the iPhone." And, with a little editing, we done did it. The article is in their paper magazine, July/August 2009. Page 27, "Just a Phone?"

With much gratitude to them, I must say that it is a pleasure to write for them as they have welcomed my ostensibly contrasting philosophy: when they first asked me to write a ways back I thought it suitable to laud the venerable qualities of irrelevance. And to put it gingerly I am quite uncomfortable to be published in a magazine advertising air force chaplains (p 24). To milk that irony, please note the text hovering around that mawkish picture: a text in proxy to the slaughtering of the innocents. If only Rome had some mission-minded, purpose-driven, relevant youth to solace those poor Semites suffering the collateral damage of a middle-east military occupation.

Page 17 (also displaying the presentable countenance of my co-author), touts how an iPhone can help you be greener; you work out the challenging math of such an ecological-integrity equation. Is there an easy answer to it...? To the Luddite, yes. To the gadgeteois, also yes. Thanks for the Relevant folks for publishing an essay in discomfort between the two.